Barbie is one of the most well known and arguably one of the best put together females in the bully world today. Her confirmation is second to none and complements her extremly clean look. She is the winner of the 2014 Bully Olympics best XL female. She has a very sweet and calm demeanor. Amazing inelegance, personality, and temperament. Her pedigree is stellar! Daughter of the famous Caramello, Grand daughter to Champion Riena. She also has a long list of amazing dogs in her pedigree. For example Kora, Konvict, Tony montana littermates to the famous Rock of BGK the list goes on....


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SUPER PRODUCER!! Mother to MVP's Bronx and Tigon. Daughter of the famous King Liger and Dungeons best daughter "Panda" a truely royal pedigree. Beautiful and structurally sound in everyway! She looks like a fierce black panther running through our yard but she is the sweetest, kindest, warm hearted dog you will ever meet. As soon as you meet her she immediatley rolls over to see if she can convince them to rub her belly. Sweet and kind with all animals and people alike. 
Wynter Aka Wynnie
Wynter is a Tank!! She is very sweet tempered and calm. Extremely smart as with all our dogs. Daughter to Mainframe and Nala, Grand daughter to the famous Mr. Freeze 165lb incredibly producing stud. Also granddaughter to the world famous Arnold the Terminator of Bossy Kennels arguably one of the most muscular, well put together and top producer in history. Also not to be forgotten she is 2x Powersurge her grandmother is hands down the top producing females of all times. 


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Mae is a "work of art"! A masterpiece of one of the worlds most anticipated breedings of  2015. She is the perfect mixture of two of the most famous and top producing bullies out today. With her Mom being our very own Barbie and the world famous Adios of Bossy Kennels being her father. This breeding produced multiple up and coming stars of the bully world. Her brother "Hollywood" of Blue Berry Pits and Sister "Foxy" of Colosuss Kennels just to name a couple, are already doing big things. She shares with them the perfect balance of size, look, color, and amazing structure. Adios solidified the already strong tri and color genetics in Barbie. Mae's future production will sure to be stunning! With Ace and Caramello as here Grand Sires she carries great size and girth while maintaing a Lean and clean look. Pure solid packed on muscle and correct structure to go with it. This girl is a tank! Sure to be super producer like her parents. She will proudly carry the torch for MVP and her mother, Barbies (who is now retired from breeding.) legaacy going into the next generations.  


Southern Belle 
Barbie's grandaughter wasted no time picking up the torch and running with it. Heiress to the thrown. Southern Belle is the new reigning Queen of MVP Bullies. While her Grandma Barbie enjoys the retired life playing with here great great grandpups and many the many more generations to come. 
Barbie's Great Grandaughter. Daughter of Bronx and Southern Belle. This young princess has a bright future to look forward too.