Welcome to the home of the world renowned XL American Bully – MVP Kennels. We are American Bully breeders with not only a vision, but a passion. We have over 20 years of experience in producing not only beautiful dogs, but dogs that are stable, healthy, structurally sound, with quality bloodlines which embody only the best of the best of XL American Bully lineage. Quality means dogs that are stable and healthy – dogs that can be family members, yet that are beautiful enough to stop traffic.

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One of our MVP Family, Drake!

Click any of the Social Media Links above and join the MVP Family! We are heading towards half of a million family members in our social community who love and enjoy our fur family just as much as we do! Follow us to stay up to date with the MVP pack. We post daily updates with exclusive pictures, videos, and announcements which are only available on MVP’s social media and no where else. We receive a lot of joy from comments, likes, follows, mentions, and shares from our social media family. Come join us and become a forever part of the ever growing MVP family! If you are like us and love these dogs like family, we welcome you!

Bully Olympic’s Best XL American Bully Female Barbie

XL American Bully female Pit Bull BarbieMVP BULLIES is home to the beautiful PR’ Barbie one of the most well known and sought after females in the XL bully world today. She is also the winner of 2014 Bully Olympic’s best XL American Bully female. Barbie is now retired from our breeding program, but her legacy continues on in our puppies! Barbie produced puppies that are the epitome of “total package,” (better than herself, and those are tough shoes to fill). If you are interested in a puppy like Barbie, please reach out via email or phone and we will do our best to get you a beautiful male or female puppy like Barbie.


MVP Bullies is a small family owned “kennel” in sunny SoCal with roots also in South Florida. All of our XL American Bullies are inside dogs and treated as family. We have spacious properties acquired specifically for them to run and play! We go out of our way for our dogs, because they are not just dogs to us! Our dogs live off of us, we don’t live off of them! We hope you share this same belief with us as well.

All of our American Bullies are hand picked and selectively bred with over 20 years experience to insure Quality, Health, Intelligence, and Temperament (QHIT). They are highly trained and highly socialized to exhibit a friendly demeanor and loving with all people and animals alike. Puppies that group up to be the total package.

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