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BRONX $20,000.00
SUPREME $20,000
AMAZON PRIME $15,000.00

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About us

We are one of the largest and most well known foundation kennels. We have many locations and offer word-wide shipping

Most well established kennels today got their start with foundation pups from MVP Bullies. Or at very least have our blood running deep in their pedigrees. We are also the choice of most Major Celebrities, professional athletes and Social media influencers. Such as Drake as well as most of the OVO family, Julio Jones, QC CEO P, Many of the QC Family, TI, etc to many to name here.

A few things we’re known for

Size with out lacking structure. All exotic colors without compromising health. For example Supreme is one of only 2 Merle tri true XL’s completely health tested. A proven producer. 23+ inches tall and a 28″ head. Don’t let internet claims and trick photography fool you into believing there is a better Merle stud. That’s just one example. Come see all our dogs for yourself. I Believe once you see all of what’s out there we become the obvious choice. That’s why we have customers that have bought 10-15-20 dogs from us over the years.


We selectively breed for temperament. Most of our dogs go to family homes. They love people, other animals, and are amazing with children. we have been featured on Animal Planet, Ellen, CNN, USA Today, Inside edition etc to many publications to list here. 

Athletic and Esthetics 

While our dogs are very calm and docile . They are also extremely athletic. Enormous and shredded muscle. This is due to genetics. There is no fancy diet or training required for our dogs to look and/or perform this way. They could lay on the couch watching Netflix and eating pizza 90% of the time and still be shredded muscle. Get up from a nap and out run your car. We all have a friend like this and hate them. They are just bred to have superior genetics.  

Photos/Videos do the no justice

We recommend that when purchasing a pup you should do lots of research and go look at the actual pups, there parents, facility. Etc. Go look at everyone else’s first then come see us. You will see the difference. It’s always good to save the best for last. A lot of people get fooled by fancy pages and trick photography. If you’re going to make this kind of investment go see for yourself what you’re investing in. 

Family owned and operated 

The Secret of Success

We are hyper focused on this breed and this breed only. Experience and expertise of this specific breed. With over 30 years of breeding. We have made and learned from many mistakes. We are still learning to today. However we find ourselves teaching more than learning. As we have been through just about every possible scenario in breeding and in the business of breeding. Through trial, error, and extensive research and testing. We have been able to selectively what most believe the perfect dog. Well, nothings perfect. We’re always looking to improve. However the vision is to create giant teddy bears. Dogs that love people and animals but will also protect their home and family. Unbelievable size while still perfectly structured. Healthy, athletic, exotic, and in every color without lacking any of the fundamental elements. Smart, powerful, and athletic. Yet calm, docile, obedient, and loving. 



$  30,000 .00 SOLD
$  15,000 .00 PENDING
$  12,500 .00 Available
$  10,000 .00 Available



$ 30,000 .00 SOLD
$ 15,000 .00 SOLD
$ 12,500 .00 SOLD
$ 10,000 .00 Available


$ 30,000 SOLD
$ 15,000 Available
$ 12,000 Available
$ 10,000 Available
$ 30,000 SOLD
$ 15,000 SOLD
$ 12,000 AVAILABLE
$ 10,000 AVAILABLE

Domestic Shipping

$ 750-$1,000
  • Ground Shipping
  • Airline Pet Service
  • Flight Nanny

International Shipping 

Per Pup

$ 3,000-$10,000

Depending on Location 

  • Most shipping is $3000 + tax or Vat fee
  • Austrailia and other Islands can be as much as $10k
  • Shipping to Australia and other islands can take as long as 10 months
  • However shipping to most countries such as Ireland, UK, most of EU, Mexico, South America ship at 15 weeks 3 weeks after rabies is administered. At a cost of $3000
  • Contact us for shipping details to your country
  • Most shipping is $3000 + tax or Vat fee
  • Most shipping is $3000 + tax or Vat fee

Ear Cropping

$ 500 .00

per pup

  • Pups are typically cropped at 7 weeks
  • Pups cannot be shipped until fully healed which generally takes 3 weeks
  • Crops Must be paid in advance.



  • Phone: +1 (833) 687 7877 (1-833 -MVP -PUPS)
  • E-mail: Inquiries@mvpkennels.com
  • Address: We operate globally and have many locations worldwide
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