American Bully xl xxl sinister MVP Bullies Stud


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American Bully xl xxl sinister MVP Bullies Stud

Sinister American Bully Stud – XL XXL

Sinister American Bully Stud? Is the understatement of the century. He is one of the most world-renowned studs in XL Bully history. As well as being hands down the largest super athletic Bully that anyone has ever seen. He is technically an XL Bully. However, due to his massive size height and structure. The industry has coined the category of American Bully XXL. However XXL Bully is not an official ABKC or UKC category. So officially He is an American Bully XL. Although since he is twice the size of many traditional xl bullies. XXL is a more fitting description.

At an astonishing 25″ tall at the withers makes him about 20-25% taller than traditional xl bullies. While in incredible shape. Shredded to the point of an anatomy poster. Sinister averages around 140lbs. While standing on his hind legs he’s nearly faced to face with a 6-foot tall man. So let’s use that as an example. Imagine comparing a 6-foot tall 200-pound man to a 7’5″ tall 350 man. Both are tall and big but you would not classify them as the same height or size. Would you? If the 6-foot man was xl tall xl large. Well, then it wouldn’t it only be sensible to call the 7’5″ man extra tall XXL large?

So although XXL American Bully is not a valid classification and the only official difference in categories is height. Him being a forth taller and 75% larger than an average xl American bully. I feel it’s valid that he requires a differentiator. We are very big on transparency and facts. So I believe it is important to explain industry variations and terms vs facts and correct terms. There is too much miss information about this breed. We do our best to inform

How did all this come about?

I’ll use Sinister as a platform to give some basic knowlege. This not opinion it is fact. This ah inspiring stud is Blue in Color. However, he has a champagne color undercoat. This is what makes his color very unique. This is a whole different world from the ” blue nose pit bulls. ” as they are cominly reffered to. You hear this term a lot. The general public is becoming a bit more savy about the differences. Which is encouraging. Blue nose Pitbull is another fabricated industry term. Purely an old and ethically questionable term for marketing. The original breeders of the American Bully standard, Xl, XXL didn’t have a name yet. So lets cut them a little slack.

Their goal back then was to create the largest xl XXL pitbull or GIANT BLUE PIT BULLS! As most of the advertisements read back then. Here is why., Well the way they went about creating giant xl xxl xxxxxxxl Pitbulls lol! I know you’re not supposed to say lol in an article but it’s the only fitting reaction for xxxl blue pitbull. that was mixing Pitbulls with the largest dogs in the world. Namely Mastiffs and giant bulldog varieties. Many of these dogs are blue technical term for the color. To the eye, you may say grey. So would make a lot of sense that the first “giant xl xxl xxxl pit bull” was blue. Don’t you think?

Pedigree: Comprised up of American Bully Royalty!

Sinister is arguably, the most well known, desired, largest, and accomplished sons of the King of bullies himself. King Liger! While that is impressive enough. you add to the fact his Mother is the son of Disciple who only takes a back seat to King Liger in the pecking order of American Bully Royalty. The top 2 studs in history are his Father and Grandfather. In sports, reference imagine if you will Lebron James had a Son with Micheal Jordans Daughter. Pedigree indiputably unmatched. He was the only pup born in his litter. Sinister is literally a 1 of 1. It really gets no better from a foundation standpoint.

World-Class proven producer! Bronx Father?, That pretty much sums it up. However another tidbit. His biggest litter was 19 pups. That is just shy of the Guinness world record. He’s produced the foundation studs for more kennels than I dare to mention. It would take all day to name drop all his sons and daughters owned by celebrities and athletes. He is the A list favorite. His waitlist is a minimum of 2 years. His current stud fee is $20,000.00. However, we only allow 1 breeding every 2 years with him.


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